Embracing the Splendor of Vishu 2022: A Vibrant Celebration of New Beginnings

"Mark Vishu 2022 with joy as you embrace new beginnings. Learn about rituals, traditions and the significance of this auspicious Hindu festival."

Embracing the Splendor of Vishu 2022: A Vibrant Celebration of New Beginnings

Vishu, celebrated primarily in the southern state of Kerala in India, is a significant festival that marks the beginning of the New Year according to the Malayalam calendar. In 2022, Vishu will be observed with great enthusiasm and devotion, reflecting the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Kerala.

The day of Vishu signifies the sun's transition into the Medam (Aries) rashi. The festival holds great importance as it is believed to bring prosperity and wellbeing for the year ahead. As part of the celebrations, people start the day by viewing the 'Vishukkani' or 'Kani Kanal', which translates to the 'first sight'. It is a belief that seeing auspicious items as the first sight on the Vishu day will bring good luck for the rest of the year.

The Kani consists of items like the golden cucumber, betel leaves, areca nut, metal mirror, yellow flowers (Konna), holy texts, coins and a lighted lamp arranged beautifully in a bell metal vessel called 'Uruli'. The elder in the family arranges the Vishukkani the night before and on the day of Vishu, they lead the other members of the family, blindfolded, to have the first sight of the divine arrangement.

Another exciting tradition followed on the day of Vishu is 'Vishukaineetam'. It involves elders giving money to the younger ones in the family, symbolising wealth distribution. Then, of course, there is the grand feast or 'Sadhya' which includes a variety of delicious traditional dishes served on a banana leaf.

Vishu 2022, like every other year, will bring a sense of harmony and unity among families as they come together to celebrate. The festival reminds everyone of the importance of prosperity in life, not just material but also spiritual. The festival's traditions and rituals are a reflection of the social ethos, promoting the values of love, respect and togetherness.